About Us

“Students Serving Students”


“The mission of Furman Student Government Association (SGA) is to be a proactive governing body that represents Furman’s diverse student population and contributes to the positive development of the university community. We are students serving students.”

Sounds a little nebulous, right? That’s because Furman’s Student Government Association has a variety of roles, with some more well known than others. While it is true that SGA funds a myriad of student organizations, we are more than just a metaphorical piggybank. We’re serving as representatives because we care about our school and want to enhance the Furman experience for students as much as we feasibly can.

So how do we plan to do this? First, all members of Council are dedicated to representing their peers at Furman by promoting student interests–whether that is improving tangible aspects of campus life, like renovating the South Housing basketball courts or adding more HD channels,  or engaging in discussions less visible but even more significant, such as advocating for major policy changes (the discussions surrounding the alcohol policy and academic registration policy are two recent examples).

But beyond trying to better campus life through implementing beneficial policy changes or improving Furman facilities, and even beyond providing free services like the SGA Shuttle, we want to establish personal relationships with fellow students. We can’t get much accomplished without student input, so we’re going to do our best to be out and about on campus–whether it’s hanging out with students at Fireside Chats Wednesday nights from 9-10 in Einstein’s, or whether it’s providing students with free rides to class during the week.

Essentially, the effectiveness of Furman SGA is largely dependent upon Furman students themselves. While we are proud of the 41st Council and know that they will do their best to represent their peers, student feedback is imperative. So if you have a suggestion or question, feel free to stop by the SGA office (located on the upper floor of the UC) email your representatives (see the complete list in the “representatives” section) , or post your question on the “Ask SGA” Firstclass forum.



2 Responses to About Us

  1. Jim Hritzo says:

    Will results of the 2011 SGA Freshman Class Elections on 9/13/2011 and 9/15/2011 be posted to a website that family and friends can view?

  2. Mr. Hritzo,

    They will indeed–we are just waiting for our Freshman Class Secretary and Treasurer to be elected next week so that we can congratulate all the Freshman Class Officers on their selection. We are very excited to have Bernadette and Matt on the team, though!

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